1.     What we provide to YOU

You get a commitment from our staff to provide a quality residential management service with the objective of maximising the rental returns from your investment property.

Our systems guarantee that you obtain to the best of our ability:

-      The most suitable tenant for your property;

-      To ensure that rent is paid on time;

-      That your property is maintained;

-      That we communicate with you.


2.     Services

a) Rent Collection

All tenants are required to pay rent in advance and arrears are monitored daily. Bond, the equivalent of four weeks rent, is collected and lodged with the residential tenancies authority. This is held until termination of the lease. The bond is released after we do a final inspection and discuss the condition of the property with you.

b) Account Management

Your rental funds are disbursed using electronic funds transfer method at the end of each month. This means that you will receive cleared funds within 24 hours directly into your bank account. However, should your requirements be that you have a mortgage payment due in the middle of the month; a mid-month payment system may be arranged.

We recommend you allow us to manage your rental account and pay all your bills including your rates, landlord protection insurance, repairs and maintenance. This is generally a statement to show all property transactions. By doing this you will have an accurate End of Financial Year Statement to provide to your accountant.

This ‘End of Financial Year’ Statement at June 30th saves you considerable accountancy fees or many hours of your time collating your income and expenses on your investment property for tax purposed. You don’t miss any deductions due.

c) Tenant Selection

Our policy of tenant selection manages the risk of tenant placement in your investment property.

We qualify the potential tenant at A pre-inspection interview prior to acceptance of their application. We then follow the procedure as proposed by the Real Estate Institute of QLD (REIQ) to do all of our reference checks on a prospective tenant. This process enables us to know more about the prospective tenant prior to their application being presented to you.

All information gathered is discussed with you prior to placement of a tenant in your property - we do the work, you remain in control.

d) Arrears

We follow the legal procedure that the RTA (Residential Tenancy Authority) allows. The RTA only permits us to act when a tenant is 8 days in arrears. We then have a very prompt arrears system whereby every tenant 8 days late receives a ‘Notice to Remedy Breach’ – (Form 11).

Should the breach not be rectified within the next 7 days, you as an owner will be advised. We will seek your instruction on serving the tenants with a ‘Notice to Leave’ (form 12). At this stage tenants would be 2 weeks in arrears. We find this system keeps tenants aware of their legal obligations to you and reduces the delinquency.

e) Property Condition Report

Routine inspections are carried out with a detailed written inspection report provided to you. This enables you to be aware of how your tenant is maintaining the property. We advise you of any minor repairs and major items that may need to be budgeted for long term, e.g. replacement of gutters; condition of paintwork, pruning large trees.

f) Maintenance.

Should the tenants request maintenance we contact you to discuss the maintenance issue and seek your approval to arrange for the repair or quote for the repair on your behalf.

The only circumstance that we approve works to be carried out without your consent is in an emergency situation. I.e. the tenants have no hot water. This would only occur if you were uncontactable. Please be aware that in an emergency, a tenant may spend the equivalent of 2 weeks rent without your permission or your agent’s permission.

g) Re-negotiation of Renewal

60 days prior to expiration of the tenancy agreement, we contact your tenants to find out their intentions. We then advise you of the outcome. This enables you to more confidently plan.

h) Mediation/Small Claims Tribunal

In the event of a dispute, when a matter comes before mediation or Small Claims Tribunal, whether this is a matter of repair and maintenance, damage or non-payment of rent, we are able to offer a service to represent you at these hearings and assist you with recovery.

3.     Landlord protection insurance

Through our research we use the most inclusive insurance policy that represents the best value, Terri Scheer Insurance.

Terri Scheer’s landlord protection policy will NOT replace your building insurance; however, the policy covers you for contents – carpets, curtains, lights, fans and other fittings not covered by your building insurance. You do not need the usual household contents insurance with this policy.

Terri cheer landlord protection insurance is designed to cover you for malicious damage, loss of rent/denial of access and owner liability in case of litigation.

4.     Fees

We believe our management fees are very competitive. Please phone our office for more information. We guarantee you the best possible service.

These are some of the extras we provide you for FREE.

-          Your end of month statement and disbursement of funds completed on time, every time.

-          Written quarterly inspections

-          Renegotiation of renewal of lease

-          Renegotiation of higher rents at the end of each lease term

-          Informative periodic newsletters

-          An agent that really cares

-          Friendly approachable staff, eager to help you.

5.     Summary

You are our valued client.

We are very accessible to you, our lessor, and to the tenant, to ensure that your tenant performs his legal obligation, that is pays his rent and maintains the premise so that your investment is protected and worry free.

6.     Guarantee

We guarantee you our best quality service to ensure that your investment is protected.